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'Ayurveda Me Please' Amla, Neem & Tulsi Shampoo Bar

'Ayurveda Me Please' Amla, Neem & Tulsi Shampoo Bar

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Our 'Ayurveda Me Please' Shampoo Bars Are Crafted From All-Natural Ingredients To Assist In Relieving An Itchy Scalp, Promoting Hair Length Retention, And Encouraging Healthy Hair Growth. The 'Ayurveda Me Please' Shampoo Bar Clarifies Hair By Eliminating Product Buildup Without Stripping The Hair Of It's Moisture. This Bar Contains Nourishing Oils, Butters & Powders That All Work Together To Create A Cleansing & Creamy Lather.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Saponified Oils Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Neem Oil, Soya Oil (Non-GMO), Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Amla Powder, Neem Powder, Tulsi Powder, Essential Oil Blend & LOVE!

*Lye Is A Hardening Agent & Is NOT Present OR Active In The Final Product*

All Bars Are Handcrafted In Small Batches Color May Vary

Key Benefits

Amla: Promotes Hair Growth, Strengthens Hair, Adds Shine, Nourishes Hair, Prevents Hair Loss & Controls Dandruff

Neem: Promotes Hair Growth Cleansing Scalp, Conditioning Hair, Adds Shine & Strengthening The Hair Follicle 

Tulsi: Promotes Circulation To The Scalp, Prevents Hair Loss/Fall, Promotes Hair Growth & Controls Dandruff 


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