About Us


Three years ago our founder/CEO Carly decided to do a big chop in order to revive her damaged hair. Over the years Carly had always had scalp issues like dandruff as well as scalp seborrheic dermatitis. With Carly not getting any results from the numerous dermatology visit she decided to take matters into her own hands. Yes! There were a few things that may have got the job done, but NOTHING to combat the flakes from one wash day to the next. 

With Carly being a person who made different hair oils to moisturize her scalp; making this oil was nothing different. Carly started to do her research to see what actually would work for the issues she was having with her scalp. Along her research she found many oils and Ayurvedic Herbs that could be used for said scalp issues. In consequence, Lillian’s Lush Organics was born! 

You can trust that our products have trusted ingredients, will give you CONSISTENT results and are affordable. 

To Commemorate Her Late Grandmother AKA Nana AKA Lillie Girl AKA Lillie Bell AKA Her Girl; Lillian’s Lush Organics Was Named After The Queen Of Long, Healthy Hair.